How To Compliantly Hire Contractors In Argentina

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Hiring independent contractors in Argentina is becoming increasingly popular, especially among companies based in the United States. The closeness of the time zones and the affordable cost of outsourcing from this country makes Argentinian freelancers a great option for growing a highly skilled talent pool.

This has, in turn, prompted a growing number of Argentinians to leave their traditional employment roles and go into business for themselves as independent contractors. If you’re planning to source professional freelancers from Argentina, there’s never been a better time to do so.

But first, there’s a few things you’ll need to think about to ensure your company stays on the right side of Argentinian employment regulations.

Key legislation to be aware of when sourcing talent in Argentina

Merely describing an individual as an independent contractor (locally known as a “contratista”) has no legal significance. Instead, various contributing factors are taken into account to determine the true legal status of an individual providing your company with services.

Independent contractors are not required by Argentinian law to sign a formal written contract. An employer can simply make an informal offer to them by phone or email.

Under Argentinian labor laws, an independent contractor is NOT obliged to:

  • Complete work for a set period of time each day, or work in a specified location
  • Make arrangements with the employer to take time off from work
  • Follow the employer’s disciplinary procedures

However, freelancer services are still regulated by Argentinian labor laws, regardless of the content or presence of any written agreement. If there is any dispute, employees and independent contractors can file a complaint in the local labor court (“tribunal de trabajo”).

Argentinian labor laws are constantly subject to revision and policy changes. This is why it’s important to have a partner like Worksuite who can help your company automatically navigate rapid law changes and ensure ongoing compliance.

How Worksuite makes it simple to compliantly hire contractors in Argentina

If you’re hiring freelancers in Argentina, Worksuite’s Global Shield can ensure that you have an engagement framework which properly classifies independent contractors who are able to work as independent contractors.

Our top tier legal partners in Argentia can create contracts specifically for your business to ensure that you stay on the right side of labor laws, and that you have a concrete agreement in place if disputes arise for any reason.

In addition, Global Shield will automatically notify you if there are any changes to the tax and legal rules governing your Argentinian contractors. This will ensure you always have peace of mind when you’re hiring in this country.

Our workforce compliance guide to Argentina covers everything you need to know to compliantly hire, onboard, manage, and pay independent contractors.

Read the full guide here

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