G2 Awards Worksuite Freelance Platform “High Performer” & “Highest User Adoption”

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Worksuite, the premier SaaS and Payments platform designed for the evolving global freelancer and contingent workforce, proudly announces its recent accolades from the respected software review site G2. Recognized as “High Performer” and the platform with the “Highest User Adoption” among freelance management systems, Worksuite continues to define excellence and innovation in the modern gig economy. 

“With 76 million workers now freelancing in the U.S. and a projected 86.5 million (over 50%) by 2027, the challenges for hiring companies are only getting more complex,” shares Ray Grady, CEO of Worksuite. “Ensuring that you are classifying this growing market correctly is imperative for companies large and small. Not doing so can lead to severe fines and penalties in every state.” 

Grady continues, “We’re proud to solve our customers’ unique enterprise problems that come with managing and paying this booming contingent workforce. The Worksuite team is tirelessly crafting the best possible platform to help navigate the future of work – and all its compliance complexities – with ease.” 

The G2 acknowledgment reflects Worksuite’s commitment to creating an intuitive and comprehensive platform that simplifies the otherwise complex management and payment of independent contractors worldwide. 

“Worksuite is intuitive,” shares Tiffany Bennett, VP of Operations at Fragment Media Group. “If we have any new freelancers, once we get them onboarded everything works pretty seamlessly. And considering the amount of payments we have going out, we rarely have an issue that needs to be resolved.” 

Worksuite’s robust platform boasts a user-friendly interface and a versatile set of tools tailored to streamline operational workflows and payment processes. This translates to significant time savings and an improved experience for both hiring entities and their contracted talent.

Dr. Christine Keefe from Hugo Mentors praises the “virtually seamless” onboarding provided by Worksuite: “Creating a great experience for our mentors is critical, so we needed an onboarding process where the mentors could onboard themselves… So much stuff is automated and organized now in a way that really works for us.” Keefe continues, “Our satisfaction rate is very close to a hundred percent.” 

For businesses seeking an edge in navigating the fast-paced freelance economy, Worksuite’s efficiency is a clear advantage. Kat Quartermain, Senior Procurement at Identity Group, describes the impact on her team: 

Worksuite is a game-changer for us. My team is asking what to do next as it’s taking no time at all.”

Kat Quartermain
Resourcing Manager, Identity

Worksuite’s inclusion in the Spring 2024 G2 Reports is a testament to its easy-to-use functionality and speedy user adoption. KayCee Reed, SME Relationship Manager at Lone Star Analysis, endorses the platform vehemently: “If you’re looking to add ease to your organization, Worksuite is the way to go. From everyone that has ever commented on Worksuite and the onboarding process, it’s always been positive things like ‘this is the easiest onboarding I’ve ever had.'”

This is the easiest onboarding I’ve ever had.”

KayCee Reed
SME Relationship Manager, Lone Star Analysis

In an era where contingent workforce relationships and smooth operations are increasingly vital to business growth, Worksuite is proud to serve its client partners and the greater freelancer community. 

To experience the award-winning ease and capabilities of the Worksuite FMS, we invite enterprises like yours to experience the platform first-hand.

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Worksuite is the premier SaaS and Payments platform focused on the global freelancer, contingent and influencer workforces. With 350,000+ users worldwide including Disney, Marriott, Vox Media, WebMD, and Microsoft, our centralized platform helps seamlessly onboard, manage, and pay your contractors in 190 countries, compliantly.

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