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Worksuite is a complete, customizable solution to help you grow and organize your contractor network.

  • Source, onboard, manage and pay your contractors
  • Surface your top talent in a snap
  • Automate your freelancer onboarding
  • Centralize your workforce data
  • Eliminate spreadsheets & back-and-forth admin work

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Worksuite Pay has had a massive impact. It has given us more visibility, and has made us quicker and more accountable for the financials. It has also helped manage the relationship with our freelancers

Mauricio Both Global Director of Language and Culture

If you're looking for a comprehensive platform to help you pay and manage contractors and their contracts with compliance – Worksuite is the best product out there.

Michael McCoy Contingent Workforce Program Manager, The Motley Fool

The paperwork associated with the freelancers all goes through Worksuite. And that has been so nice because it has really simplified things.

Kevin J. Gray Chief Content Officer

From everyone that has ever commented on Worksuite and the onboarding process, it's always been positive things like “this is the easiest onboarding I've ever had.

KayCee Reed SME Relationship Manager, Lone Star Analysis

Worksuite just get it. They get the freelance space and they take the time to understand your individual situation.

Christine Nielsen Resource Manager, Vested

How Worksuite helped Jack Morton Worldwide slash hours of time a week off their freelance onboarding and management processes.

Allen Larson VP of Talent Acquisition and Resource Director, Jack Morton Worldwide

Worksuite helped us in three ways: we were able to work faster, more transparently, and with a greater degree of accuracy. I'm really grateful this partnership was able to deliver on these three things.

Alex Jordan Editorial Lead, Skyscanner

Worksuite is the future. You can manage your own work database, your payment solutions, and your freelancer ratings all in one spot.

Cyon Williams Senior Director of Operations, FloSports

If you’ve got a large freelance workforce, it will absolutely transform how you engage with them. And it will make your freelancers feel that they are a valued part of the workforce, because you can communicate with them easily.

Elaine Morris Head of Production, ITN

Our editors were able to resume their normal style of work instantly. People were working faster, and things were getting done better. It was pretty immediate.

Michael Kuhn Production Manager, Apartment Therapy

If you’re working with a lot of freelancers or different people who need a central place to communicate with an employer, I would recommend Worksuite.

Ágnes Surján Content Manager at Drops

Worksuite met our requirements to enable us to run our business efficiently.

Charlotte Reisen Operations at Instrument

As TCM had already done the groundwork on other suitable platforms, they knew that Worksuite was the best option for what they needed. The competitor also sent them a list of alternative companies they could contact – and Worksuite was on the list.

Diana Kenney VP of Publishing Operations, Teacher Created Materials

We gave [our dedicated account manager at Worksuite] our list of what we needed, and they made everything look and feel how we wanted. Other companies just seemed more out of the box, like – here’s what it does, take it or leave it’.

Scott King National Install Manager at Ferguson

It’s very important for us to ensure a good fit between the program and the coach, based on matching the unique needs of the client with the skills and qualifications of our coaches. Worksuite makes this incredibly easy.

Anisha Suterwala Strategic Ops, BetterUp

After implementing Worksuite, Prodigious is now able to successfully and instantly find and manage all their external talent from across all of their locations, ranging from graphic designers to storyboard artists, on one single platform.

Luc Labadie CIO, Publicis Prodigious

Since Scribe deployed Worksuite in August 2017, the company has been able to dramatically reduce the time and resources needed to manage its growing pool of freelancers, resulting in a much smoother book creation process for Scribe and its network of freelancers.

Justine Schofield Operations, Scribe Media

After implementing Worksuite, Prodigious is now able to successfully and instantly find and manage all their external talent from across all of their locations, ranging from graphic designers to storyboard artists, on one single platform.

Luc Labadie CIO, Publicis Prodigious

We really wanted to have one single home that could pay mentors regardless of where they were based and Worksuite was able to do that.

Eva-Marie Costello Team Lead, Mentor Operations

The number one benefit is having everyone's info easily accessible so I don’t have to keep track of everything. I enjoy having it all there.

Summer Carstens Production Coordinator


Take care of every aspect of your freelancer
management from one central location

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From product training to development, implementation, account configuration,
or just a friendly ear, our team is here for you whenever you need them.

“We’re hiring and managing people much faster…
Worksuite was super helpful. The amount of customization that we could get and the onboarding that they gave us was amazing. I haven’t had an experience like this before, with any platforms.”

Ágnes Surján Content Manager at Drops

Your whole team will love...

Fast Sourcing

Fast Sourcing

Quickly find and hire the perfect person for every project,

Smooth onboarding

Smooth onboarding

Customized and automated onboarding for your specific needs.

Streamlined projects

Streamlined projects

Establish SOW, track work progress, and sign off on timesheets.

Rapid payments

Rapid payments

Fast approvals and secure payments to over 180 countries.

Detailed reporting

Detailed reporting

Actionable insights and full visibility into your freelance network.

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