Worksuite Enhances Security Measures with ISO 27001 Certification

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Worksuite takes information security management seriously. Your contingent workforce data is in the safest hands possible with an Information Security Management System that is ISO 27001 Certified.

Software platforms like Worksuite — especially contingent workforce management systems with 350,000+ contractors using it every day — process a lot of data. This information needs to be protected, with best-in-class security measures and processes in mind. 

That’s why our Security and Infrastructure team has officially achieved ISO 27001 certification status. This certification is vital to keeping your data secure. We firmly believe that your talent network is your intellectual property. And of course, the projects you manage within your Worksuite environment are also your IP. Configuring Worksuite as your own private platform to manage and pay your workforce, in a secure way, is one of our core goals as your partner. 

Taking the next steps in our information security management system only made sense. 

What is ISO Certification? 

ISO 27001 certification is a fancy way of saying we take your data security very seriously. 

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) created a comprehensive set of guidelines in 2013 to help global businesses like Worksuite compliantly maintain their information security management systems.

ISO is not just a “one and done” badge. Rather, it means we are continuously monitoring and improving our security standards, so you can continue to have the world’s leading and most secure workforce management platform at your fingertips. 

It is my absolute pleasure to announce that Worksuite is now officially ISO 27001 certified. This is great news, and communicates to our customers — both existing and future — that we are serious about our security processes and that our clients’ data is safe with us.”

— Darek Dwornikowski
Chief Technology Officer, Worksuite

Why is ISO 27001 important for you? 

ISO certification protects your information from compliance risk. Whether that’s your contractors’ payment details, your accounting and financial records, your IP within the platform, or any information you store in your centralized repository — Worksuite goes above and beyond to protect it. 

According to Forbes, “The ISO 27001 standard aims to secure people, processes and technology via three main cornerstones: confidentiality, integrity and availability (commonly referred to as the C-I-A triad).” 

  • Confidentiality: Having controls in place such as two-factor authentication, security tokens and data encryption keep your information confidential and protects our platform from any unauthorized access.
  • Integrity: This involves making sure data is accurate, trustworthy, free of errors, and complete. It also means ensuring that only authorized personnel, i.e. your admins and users, can access your confidential data.
  • Availability: The third tenet of the CIA triad is about making sure that all data and relevant systems remain accessible to the appropriate and authorized users, so you can run your business without interruption. Availability also involves things like: removing bottlenecks in security processes, minimizing vulnerabilities, adding back-ups and disaster recovery solutions.

Plus, ISO 27001 also helps us (and you) continue to comply with other local legislation such as GDPR in the UK and CCPA in California. 

Your Private & Secure Freelancer Management System

ISO 27001 certification is just one of the many ways our team is working hard to build the world’s leading contingent workforce management platform to serve your enterprise needs

Worksuite is also compliant with SOC2 Type 2, GDPR and CCPA standards. Our globe-spanning team has decades of collective experience at enterprise companies like Capital One, Oracle, DHL, Airbnb and Facebook. 

If you have questions about Worksuite’s security measures and the lengths we go to keep your information secure, please feel free to reach out to us at the link below.

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