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Instrument’s experience with Worksuite

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To effectively manage a growing roster of freelance talent

Instrument needed a tool to manage our end to end freelance talent engagement experience.  This included creating a way for us to easily search through our growing portfolio of freelance talent, create and manage contracts, and simplify invoice submission for our freelancers. 

With a growing roster of freelance talent, Instrument’s goal was also to streamline our internal operational and accounting processes.

Instrument looked at a few different platforms, and decided that Worksuite had the best potential for their current and future needs.

“Worksuite met our requirements to enable us to run our business efficiently. ”

Everybody being able to manage information themselves has been really key in terms of scalability. ”

Charlotte Reisen
Operations at Instrument


A robust platform that’s easy for internal and external team members to use

From the perspective of both internal team members and external contractors, Instrument estimates a 75% success rate in terms of people being able to use and learn the Worksuite platform without asking questions or needing to look at the internal guide.

“For our experienced freelancers, they get it right away. For those that need a little extra help, we walk them through it.”

Instrument found it easy to onboard their numerous contractors and give them directions on how to set up their profiles and provide the necessary information for projects and tax compliance.

“Being able to secure information and make sure that our contractors can trust us with their sensitive data is really important.” 


The ability to dramatically scale their growth and increase the number of freelancers they work with

It was important for us to find a tool that enabled self-service for our business teams. 

“Everybody being able to manage information themselves has been really key in terms of scalability.”

The way they set up Worksuite in terms of all producers on all teams being responsible for themselves has created great efficiency. 

Instrument appreciated Worksuite’s ability to adapt the platform for their specific needs. 

The initial reports function was not set up in a way that best supported Instrument’s needs. Instrument also wanted their freelance contractors to be able to tag themselves in the system. 

“Something that I really appreciate is that our dedicated Account Manager is always quick to respond and he usually has a solution for everything.”

Since implementing Worksuite, Instrument has found many benefits in the efficiency of using this tool.

“I have a secure place where I know I can reference information, and if accounting or anybody else needs the information, I know where to get it. And that’s great.”

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