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Prodigious brings together specialist production expertise in video, digital, and print in order to design, produce, and deliver brand content across all channels. To do so, they use the best in class talent, workflow processes, and tools.

Prodigious Worldwide works with 3,000 employees, operating out of 37 global locations, complemented by highly experienced and specialized production talent currently managed and sourced via Worksuite. Combining these highly-skilled cross-media producers within strategically located creative campuses, on-site client studios and time zone-aligned offshore platforms, Prodigious provides innovative and agile production models that deliver more content for less.

Prodigious solves the problem many companies face of trying to create and produce content across more mediums without an expanding budget. Marketing has undergone a revolution where brands must produce more video, print, and digital content across numerous channels. Whereas once brands had to complete one campaign to reach all targets, now brands have pressure to adapt content to multiple buyer personas with more channels, adding social media, digital display, and websites in addition to the traditional channels of distribution.

After implementing Worksuite, Prodigious is now able to successfully and instantly find and manage all their external talent from across all of their locations, ranging from graphic designers to storyboard artists, on one single platform.”

Luc Labadie
CIO, Publicis Prodigious

Other content, such as web series, testimonials, in addition to traditional blogs and print articles, have become a norm for brands, and showcase the ever expanding need to content creation. To meet this demand, Prodigious harnesses the power of an elite external workforce, giving the company a competitive advantage in the market.

Before Worksuite, however, finding talent proved problematic. For example, a production manager from Paris would have to pick up the phone and call a contact in London to ask if the department had any good talent to refer. This timely operation was very siloed – each office had a black book of external talent with no communication between them. There was no centralized process or structure to find and manage the right talent for the right project, even though they had 3,000 employees and more than 4,000 external partners that could be found all around them. The process was not modern or technology-based, which could easily cause confusion or delays.


Worksuite, showcasing unparalleled capabilities in the following areas:

  • The ability to share external talent globally to give the network an understanding of who can complete a particular job and include their associated ratings and evaluations from peers.
  • The ability to use the platform to source and identify new, qualified talent moving forward.
  • Flexibility and platform ease-of-use, coupled with a fair pricing structure and modern scalability.


Worksuite has allowed Prodigious to:

  1. Create a Community of External Talent
    External talent is readily available to hundreds of Prodigious producers and account managers throughout their many locations. Talent is cataloged and grouped by function, skills, and expertise so that searching for talent is incredibly fast and efficient. Each freelancer maintains his or her own profile, which helps the Prodigious team maintain a good understanding of their capabilities, availability, a portfolio of recent work, and their entire engagement history with that talent.
  2. Automatically Onboard Talent Quickly
    Worksuite has enabled Prodigious to easily onboard its new and existing talent with ease. Custom onboarding workflows are designed to collect work samples, agreement signatures, and all other essential information that Prodigious requires in order to engage that talent.
  3. Source New Talent
    Worksuite’s ability to request information and proposals from various external partners and talent was a complete win for Prodigious. The company plans to expand its talent base throughout the year using Worksuite’s innovative and scalable software.

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