Worksuite stands with Ukraine

Worksuite, as a globally distributed and Family First, focused company, is saddened and heartbroken by the violence and loss of life due to the unprovoked aggression of Russia toward Ukraine. We hope and pray for this tragic war to end soon and stand with the families of Ukraine.

While we do not have offices or employees who are currently living in Ukraine, the majority of our Product team and therefore the majority of our work family is based in Poland and have friends and/or family members directly affected by the war.

We are extremely proud that our team has taken the following actions:

  • Team members have decided to donate a portion of their salary to charity organizations and Worksuite has matched these donations as well as contributing donations as a company
  • Team members have made donations to an employee-managed program to provide food supplies and baby care supplies to Ukrainian refugees
  • Team members globally have made donations to an employee-managed program to fund transportation from the border to refugee centers in Poland
  • Team members have created, and the company has funded, a new program to provide training, and temporary employment to Ukrainian mothers with children who had to leave their jobs behind and found themselves in a foreign country with no job or resources to live on

We as a global Worksuite family will continue to provide support however we can as individuals and as a team.

Our hearts go out to the people of Ukraine, their loved ones, and all of those affected by this war.

We are actively offering positions and work opportunities to Ukrainian citizens taking refuge in Poland.

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