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How Hugo Mentors saved time and increased their mentorship capacity with Worksuite

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To find a platform that could easily onboard and manage a growing pool of mentors

Hugo Mentors was looking to replace their existing internal solutions for managing their talent pool. They were scaling their mentor network, and finding it increasingly difficult to manage daily administration tasks using manual processes.

We invest significant time in recruiting individual mentors and matching each student with the ideal fit for them.  It’s a very time-intensive process so we needed to streamline and simplify the parts of the process that did not require a high-touch approach. 

We were using Excel files to move mentors from category to category. And that’s okay if you have, let’s say, 10 mentors. But it was so inefficient, and it was not scalable at all. We needed a better way of tracking everything.”

It was essential to find a single platform that could do everything they needed, such as being able to quickly search for specific mentors, track notes and tasks, and oversee milestones and payments. 

“Creating a great experience for our mentors is critical to us, so we needed an onboarding process where the mentors could onboard themselves and enter their notes, and where we could keep their profiles and build our data in one place.”

I would say Worksuite increased our capacity by a third, because we could standardize and automate a lot of our processes 

Dr Christine Keefe
Program Management, Hugo Mentors


A centralized, searchable platform for managing and assigning mentors

After investigating other freelance management platforms, the Hugo team knew that Worksuite would be the best fit because of the visual layout of contractor profiles, and the advanced search filters which would enable them to quickly find the right person for each mentorship. 

“It was really important to have our mentor bios in some sort of searchable database, in the same place as the onboarding software, so we can keep track of tasks. Having those all in one spot is absolutely critical to us, and is valued by our mentors.”

They partnered with the Worksuite team for implementation and setup, customizing the onboarding workflows to match the specific needs of their company and contractors.

They also customized the labels and form fields in the Worksuite dashboard to reflect the terminology that their company uses.

Once setup was complete, Hugo Mentors created a detailed onboarding manual for their mentors, setting out the standardized onboarding workflow. 

This made it simple for mentors who weren’t so “tech savvy” to walk through the onboarding process themselves, which in turn freed up a significant amount of admin time for their teams.

“We are always reviewing feedback from our mentors and mentees. We collected every question and every problem that anyone ever gave us and put them into a manual that we send to each mentor with their onboarding invitation. So instead of having to deal with 30 emails a day from mentors who couldn’t figure out how to log in or submit something, we now have this comprehensive guide.”

The combination of Worksuite’s automations and the onboarding manual meant that the Hugo Mentors team was able to work much more effectively, without the disruption of constant questions and emails. 

Everything was now easily manageable from inside the Worksuite platform.

“Now things are organized and connected within the Worksuite system. So anytime a student is paired with a mentor, you can just click on the mentor’s name and know everything they’re about. The entire mentorship is right in front of your eyes.”


Seamless onboarding and full transparency into tasks and milestones

“The onboarding workflow for our mentors is now virtually seamless.”

Using the milestones feature in Worksuite has given Hugo Mentors increased visibility into the interactions between their mentors and students. 

Due to the bespoke nature of their mentorships, it is critical to be able to track progress and catch any mentoring problems as early as possible. 

With detailed notes and insights into all of the one-to-one mentorship meetings, Hugo Mentors is able to offer timely support and ensure students are participating and benefiting from their tutoring.

I love it that I can message our mentors from inside the Worksuite system. They’ll get an email with the message, and if they want to respond, they just click a button and it takes them directly to their task. That has saved us a lot of time. I don’t even know how to estimate that, but it’s a huge positive.

Having their mentor pool in one central, searchable database has enabled the Hugo Mentors team to quickly locate the perfect mentor for each student. 

With this information at their fingertips, they can spend less time searching through bios, and more time evaluating each mentor and coming up with projects and ideas for the students.

“The mentor bios show up as tiles that have a profile photo, and you can customize what else shows up on them. So we have their name, their affiliation, and their topics of expertise and interest. You can so easily look through these because of the way they’re spatially and visually organized.”

Hugo Mentors’ admin time has been drastically reduced, and as a result they have increased their ability to offer a higher touch experience for mentors and students.

“So much stuff is automated and organized now in a way that really works for us. Our satisfaction rate is very close to a hundred percent. It’s incredibly rare that we have a student or parent saying they didn’t learn anything, or that we were disorganized. So we really pride ourselves in that.”

Worksuite highlights for Hugo Mentors

Hugo Mentors uses the full end-to-end Worksuite tool, including onboarding, task management, and payment tracking. 

This has enabled them to:

  • Create a centralized talent hub to manage their growing network of mentors
  • Accurately onboard their mentors before any assignments are given 
  • Effectively assign projects and tasks to each mentor and track progress with custom milestones

See how easy it is to onboard, manage, and pay your freelance talent network with Worksuite’s centralized, user-friendly platform.

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