Your 2023 Guide to Hiring Top Contractors in 47+ Countries

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Worksuite unveils a new ebook guiding you through how to hire international contractors and scale your external workforce — both cost-effectively and compliantly. Scroll to download the free guide. 

Expanding your contractor hiring across borders opens your business up to a massive talent pool. Thanks to the rise of remote work, you aren’t limited to hiring full-time or freelance help in your own geographic location—you can hire practically anywhere in the world.

However, that’s easier said than done.

Engaging freelancers in different countries isn’t as straightforward as it should be. There are currency and language hurdles and compliance laws to navigate. And it’s not checkbox stuff we’re talking about—it’s nitty-gritty calculations, definitions, and employment classifications.

Ask too much? Trouble. Require too much? Problem. Share too many tools? Yikes. 

Plus, there are country-specific taxes and currency requirements you’ll need to accommodate. We’re not going to sugarcoat it—it’s a lot.

If you’re not careful, you could get slapped with heavy fines and penalties. Some consequences even include jail time.

That doesn’t mean you should take global contractors off the table, though. Not at all.

Instead, you just need a little know-how and guidance to stay compliant. And at Worksuite, we’re here to help.

What’s Inside the Guide

In this new mobile-friendly book, we’ve outlined the key things you need to know about hiring contractors in 47 countries around the world. From hiring a developer in Qatar to a freelance writer in Portugal, we’ve called out the must-know details you need in order to hire with confidence. 

  • 47 countries of compliance know-how
  • Highlighted “need to know” nuances for easy skimmability
  • Common pitfalls to avoid that could get your business in legal trouble
  • How independent contractors are classified in each country
  • Best practices to protect you from risk when hiring remote workers

Once you’ve absorbed the ebook, check out our complete Country Explorer resource to see the entire database of compliance info, broken down per country. 

Stay tuned for additional countries as we keep adding the latest compliance best practices. 

Protect Your Business With Worksuite

Hire contractors anywhere in the world. Let us take care of the details. 

Worksuite supports workforce management and compliance strategy in 190 countries, and pays contractors compliantly in 120+ currencies with our Global Engage concierge service, contractor screening workflows, AOR and EOR offerings. 

Plus, our brand-new Contracts Wizard in the Worksuite platform (coming soon!) covers all your legal and tax document needs — generating ironclad agreements and collecting signatures, no matter where your contractors are based. It’s effectively your built-in legal assistant, fully integrated with the rest of Worksuite’s features that you know and love. 

Talk to the Worksuite team today and learn how our Contracts Wizard and Global Engage services can save you significant hiring costs, and shield you from any compliance risk when diversifying your talent pool. 

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