Diversifying Sourcing Channels

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When it comes to hiring freelancers for your business, it’s smart to have a variety of sourcing channels to help you maximize the reach of your job openings and find the best talent for your assignments.
Plus – with the rapid rise of remote work, there are growing numbers of top quality contractors around the world who are available and eager to find new projects – so you need to make it as easy as possible for them to find you.

Staffing suppliers

At Worksuite, we recently invested in an innovative way to use your existing staffing suppliers to help you find and hire new contractors – without impacting your subscription cost. 

The key factors in leveraging your existing staffing suppliers are:

But how do you ensure that the same level of quality is applied to all your hiring sources? And how can you provide a simple way for your suppliers to quickly add new, relevant candidates for your different role types? 

The answer is to combine your Staffing Supplier types and Job Openings.

Combining your staffing suppliers and job openings

To do this, simply head to your Worksuite dashboard. 

Either choose an existing Job Opening, or create a new and unique one that’s only visible to your suppliers – then add those suppliers to Job Opening in your Staffing Supplier tab. 

Once you’ve done this, your suppliers will then be able to select any relevant workers and assign them to your job openings.

Here’s an example: 

After running reports on your current talent pool’s skill set, you realize there is a significant gap in your freelance network for graphic designers.

You know there’s a lot of projects coming up soon that will require skilled designers to produce large volumes of graphics for your website, social media, and video. 

With Worksuite, it’s easy for you to use an existing talent supplier to help find and provide you with the extra freelancers you’ll need to meet your upcoming design demands. 

Say Supplier X has been asked to provide your 100 graphic design candidates to support your company’s new campaigns. Supplier X will undertake all the recruiting efforts from their side, and add those 100 candidates to your Worksuite portal.

Once your suppliers have sourced all their relevant graphic designers, you can then allow them to add those people directly to your talent directory for graphic designers and put them in your onboarding workflow – or you can add a layer of internal review first so your teams and managers can ensure there’s a quality and fit for each project.

Combining multiple sources in your job openings

Another sourcing option is to combine multiple sources in Job Openings. 

This means you can set up a single opening that’s tied to a streamlined workflow posted on your website. Activated candidates can apply as they usually would, and this also allows suppliers to submit their own set of talent based on your project needs.

When you set up your sourcing in this way, you can track key items such as pay rates, portfolios, freelancer websites, locations, and relevant contract information. This helps your business make fast, informed decisions about scaling your contingent workforce.

You can even take this sourcing strategy a step further and assign any staffing supplier as the ongoing parent (in the parent-child relationship in your dashboard) to grant them visibility into the type of work you need fresh talent for.

In conclusion

Diversifying your sourcing channels is just as important as diversifying your income streams or marketing channels. And it doesn’t need to be difficult, or cost a fortune. 

Worksuite gives you a simple way to diversify your hiring channels and increase your talent pool with just a few clicks.

Aaron Anderson

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