FEATURE SPOTLIGHT: Contractor Compliance at Scale

Configure Your Own Agreements with Worksuite's E-Signature Integration

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If you manage hundreds of freelancers, chances are you’ve had to juggle your fair share of independent contractor agreements and NDAs. Legal documents like these keep you compliant as you engage your freelancer workforce.

In the olden days, this required endless admin coordination and back-and-forth emails to collect signatures and check on statuses. Then, there was the added hassle of updating an old contract template to keep everything by-the-book. 

With Worksuite’s e-signature integration and automated workflows, you can now put a lot of this process on autopilot — letting our system handle all the followup nudges to gather signatures and necessary documents.

And today, we’re unveiling an even bigger evolution to this feature set: Configure Your Own Agreements directly within your Worksuite environment. No more waiting for tech support from our team to customize your contracts and update versions! Get your e-sign agreements EXACTLY how you want them, anytime you need. 

Configure Your Own Agreements

This new Worksuite feature lets you:

  • Stay Compliant at Scale: Simply upload a reusable contract template, configure the fields and go. No more back-and-forth to collect document signatures. One-time setup, countless hours saved. 
  • Customize Your Configuration: Choose where you want the dates, names, addresses, etc. to appear in the contract. Even pre-fill data that you’re already collecting. 
  • Save Clicks (and Mental Switching Costs): Easily select signers from a dropdown that pulls from your database. 
  • Maintain Safety and Security: Rest easy knowing that the right agreements are being sent & signed on your behalf. 
  • Focus on What Matters: Free up your time to focus on the relationship aspect of your talent network instead of the paperwork. 

Our biggest time-saver in freelancer onboarding and compliance just got even better.

What’s New About Worksuite Agreements? 

In two words: control and convenience. Prior to this feature release, you’d be working hand-in-hand with our team in order to update your contract templates. While we’re always happy to be at your service (and still are!), this formerly “behind the scenes” technical step is now 100% in your hands with an easy-to-setup dashboard. And you can start using it immediately. 

Where this comes in handy: Version control. When you need to update a contract template as part of your automated onboarding workflow, you can simply swap the new version in a snap and configure it for e-sign.

Where it gets really interesting: At scale. When onboarding dozens or hundreds of new contractors, you can rest assured knowing that all legal documents are up-to-date and configured the way you need them. 

How to Configure Your Contracts for E-Signature

Worksuite Self-Serve Agreement Template Configuration - how to navigate to Agreements in Worksuite settings

In your Worksuite, navigate to Settings > Agreement > Add Template.

Choose an agreement type.

Worksuite Self-Serve Agreement Template Configuration - choose the agreement type

Add an Agreement Name, then Upload the appropriate file, and select any relevant Merge Fields from the dropdown (e.g. First Name, Last Name, Address).

Click the Setup Agreement button.

Worksuite Self-Serve Agreement Template Configuration - editing the Agreement for compliant version control

Drag & drop Signature Fields and Merge Fields.

You’re all set to send it!

Worksuite Self-Serve Agreement Template Configuration - creating fillable fields with HelloSign integration

How to Make a New Agreement Part of an Onboarding Workflow

Next, you can make this Agreement Template part of your Onboarding Workflow that automatically collects signatures while you focus on other things. 

Simply navigate to the “Onboarding” module of your Worksuite environment. 

Then find the Workflow that you want to edit (or create a new one). Click the three dots on the right side to Edit the Workflow. 

Add a Stage > select Sign agreement from the dropdown. 

How to add an agreement signature stage to a Worksuite automated onboarding workflow

Select the Agreement Template that you’ve just configured, save changes and voila! It’s now updated in your automated workflow with the latest and greatest compliant contract.

Agree to Agree

Configurable Agreements are perfect for automating signature collection when it comes to: 


  • Independent Contractor Agreements 
  • Corporate Policies 
  • Brand Guidelines 
  • Tax Forms (W9, W8-BEN, W8-BEN-E) 

Task Agreement Management:

  • Statements of Work (SOWs) or Deal Memos embedded within a task. 
  • Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs) specific to a client. 

Recruiting New Talent Beyond Your Existing Network: 

  • Get some of the steps done automatically as you vet through candidates to add to your Talent Directory – make sure they sign the right paperwork and are “qualified” before you spend valuable time in the review stage. 

A few minutes of setup saves you hours each week.

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