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Today’s technology landscape is highly competitive, and contingent workforce technology providers are vying for a piece of your organization’s technology budget by specializing in solving a specific pain point. This can often mean technology that overlaps, or doesn’t smoothly integrate with other necessary pieces of your tech stack.

So why not have one tool that is flexible enough to support multiple contingent workforce labor types?

With Worksuite you can easily manage independent contractors, partners, vendors, agencies, suppliers, and even your internal employees from one centralized place – ensuring full compliance at all times.

Streamline your technology stack

Many of our customers come to Worksuite to help them meet a specific need and overcome a certain type of problem. But when they realize the ability of the Worksuite platform to accommodate onboarding and management of multiple talent types – they quickly realize that the cost and hassle of juggling multiple technology partners for individual contractors and talent types is no longer necessary.

We have hundreds of customers that use Contractors, Third Party Companies, and Employees to quickly and easily track and centralize key profile data and manage compliance requirements and documentation across their talent network.

For example:

  • Third Party Companies require indemnification
  • Contractors require background checks and a copy of their ID
  • Employees require neither of the above, but they do need to track region, market, and skill level to complete any necessary upcoming tasks

That’s a lot for your teams to track across a large talent network, which is why our customers love the flexibility of Worksuite to ensure they stay consistent and compliant at all times.

Combining multiple talent types in one technology tool

You might be concerned about onboarding and managing multiple talent types with one tool. That’s why we’ve made each talent type flexible and customizable for your specific business.

You collect only the relevant information you need for internal purposes, and we provide the flexibility for you to create multiple workflows and track the talent-specific agreements and documentation you need for every assignment and contractor.

Here are some of the vast range of talent types that our customers manage within Worksuite:

  • Specialists
  • Users
  • Creators and creatives
  • Freelancers and contractors
  • Vendors and suppliers
  • Referral network
  • Teachers
  • Videographers, photographers, and camera operators
  • Art Directors
  • Crew Members
  • Hair Colorists
  • Graphic Designers
  • Coders
  • Photographers
  • Consultants
  • Coaches
  • Installers
  • Partners
  • Agencies
  • Close Protection Agents
  • 3D Modelers
  • Architects
  • Writers and editors
  • Mentors

And that’s not an exhaustive list by any means! Other ways our customers manage talent types is to collect personal information based on regions, skill types, job titles, and sourcing methods.

In summary

Ensuring that your workforce is always compliant should be your number one priority – not figuring out how to ensure data is passed between multiple technology systems. 

With Worksuite, we provide you with the best practices and capabilities to ensure compliance across all of your talent types. We even provide compliance flags inside your database as a simple, visual way for you to ensure the required compliance material is collected for every individual person in your talent pool.

If you’re tired of the ongoing cost and frustration of managing multiple talent types with multiple pieces of technology – there’s an easier way.

Aaron Anderson

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