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How Translation & Interpretation Network transformed their onboarding process with Worksuite

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To save time by streamlining communications and automating internal processes

Prior to partnering with Worksuite, TIN was relying on manual internal processes and spreadsheets to manage their contractors and workflows.

“The biggest challenge for us to overcome during that time was for us to have an automated process, and also for our team to have less human involvement––because we were pretty much doing everything manually for contract changes and things”

As their talent pool was expanding rapidly, they began looking for a solution to create automated processes that could free up more of their team’s time, and improve communications––particularly when it came to sending the necessary paperwork and contracts out to their freelancers. 

“Usually the interpreters wouldn’t answer their emails. With Worksuite this is much easier. We explain to them that they have to fill in their personal information and sign their contracts, and it’s much easier for them to do that now. For example, we onboarded maybe 50% less contractors back then than we are doing now. They are finishing their paperwork much faster and it really saves us time”

The TIN teams began looking around and talking with different companies to try and find a best-fit solution to solve these challenges. When they discovered Worksuite, it was clear that the features and flexibility matched what TIN was looking for to help automate their freelancer management.

“We were kind of sold with the automated process of sending out contracts. We knew it would help us cut down on reaching out to interpreters individually and making sure all the paperwork is signed. Also, the price range that Worksuite had was pretty decent. So that’s why we ended up working with them”

I would recommend Worksuite to any company that needs to keep track of all their employees and all their paperwork. It has helped us cut down the time spent reaching out to interpreters and making sure all the paperwork is signed” 

Ei Thinzar Thein “Susan” Tan
Vendor Manager, Translation & Interpretation Network


A centralized platform to effectively manage the onboarding process for a growing freelance talent pool

During implementation and setup, TIN and Worksuite customized the onboarding workflows to suit the specific needs of the TIN teams and their interpreters. 

This made it simple to onboard freelancers and set up the different contracts and documents for the industries they work with, such as schools, medical hospitals, law offices, and government departments.

“It was pretty streamlined. The Worksuite team helped us through the whole process of what we wanted to build. Even now, they’re helping us to build when we need to change things under the contract. And they’re always available for us. It’s great”

TIN’s freelance talent pool was growing at up to 30 contractors per week, so it was essential that their onboarding processes were set up in a way that saved time, and in a way that ensured TIN was protected and compliant before their new contractors began any work.

“Worksuite streamlined the process of reaching out to our interpreters to finish their onboarding paperwork, to see if background checks are done, and whether contracts are signed. They’re not able to go to the next step without finishing up on the others. So it’s much easier for us to keep track of how many interpreters have completed their onboarding. Instead of humans checking, there’s also a system checking it to make sure that this is happening. It’s helpful for us for that part to be automated”


Huge time savings for onboarding, background checks, and document signing

TIN’s recruiting and onboarding teams have experienced the most benefits from Worksuite, primarily for freelancer background checks and contract completion. 

“The biggest difference is having everything automated and stored on the cloud in one central location. It helps us find contracts or anything else that’s needed quickly. And whenever we need to reach out to the interpreters we can just use the Worksuite chat system to send reminders or follow up on onboarding paperwork, instead of sending emails. We don’t have to reach out to them individually, like we used to”

Worksuite highlights for TIN

TIN now uses the full end-to-end Worksuite tool, including talent management, onboarding, and payment invoicing. It functions as their talent pool hub for hundreds of freelancers nationwide, which has enabled them to:

  • Stay organized
  • Successfully onboard freelancers within the platform
  • Source new talent 
  • Create opportunities to enhance their external workforce
  • Work closely with the Worksuite team to quickly handle support requests

See how easy it is to onboard, manage, and pay your freelance talent network with Worksuite’s centralized, user-friendly platform.

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