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Specific-Task Contract (Poland)

Umowa o dzieło (Specific-task contract)

This is the use of the intellectual property for a short time. For example, to write a program, develop a complex technical device, or compose a song.

The contract may not specify time limits, but only volumes. However, if necessary, work execution periods are determined.


  • No subordination relationship. The flexibility and independence in the actions.
  • The voluntary contract form.
  • The termination of the contract is possible at any time.
  • The one-time payment after work is completed.
  • Social payments are not made.
  • The employer is not obligated to issue a certificate of employment to the employee.
  • Working time is not counted towards the total length of service.
  • Protection of the interests of both parties is not possible, since this form of contract is not specified in the Civil Code.

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