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Labour Act, Bangladesh (Employee Protections)

Labour Act, Section 23(2) (Employee Protections)

Under extenuating circumstances, despite being found guilty of misconduct, a worker may be awarded any of the following punishments under section 23(2) of the Labour Act:

  • removal (in which case, he or she will be entitled to compensation of 15 days’ wages for every completed year of service, provided that he or she has been in continuous service for at least one year);
  • reduction to a lower post, grade or scale of pay for a period not exceeding one year;
  • stoppage of promotion for a period not exceeding one year;
  • withholding of increment for a period not exceeding one year;
  • fine;
  • suspension without wages or without subsistence allowance for a period not exceeding seven days; or
    censure and warning.

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