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Harmonization of Leave Law and Introduction of Care Leave Act (Annual Leave Act)

Harmonization of Leave Law and Introduction of Care Leave Act (Annual Leave Act)

Employees have a minimum entitlement to paid annual leave of five weeks in each year of work. When calculating leave according to working days (incl. Saturday) one is entitled to 30 days leave in each year of work. After 25 years of service this entitlement increases to six weeks. The working year commences on the date the employee started to work in the job. Minimally employed workers and part-time workers have the same entitlement as full-time employees.

In the first six months of the first year of employment, the leave entitlement is calculated in proportion to the time worked. From the start of the seventh month, employees receive the full leave entitlement; from the second year of employment, the full leave entitlement accrues from the beginning of the working year.

Employees must come to an agreement with their employer when they may take their leave; the employer must give his/her consent.

If one falls ill for more than three calendar days whilst on leave, these days do not count as leave. However, one must report the illness to the employer immediately after three days absence, and provide a medical certificate.

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