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Self Employed Statute (Spain)

Estatuto del Trabajo Autónomo (Self Employed Statute (Law No. 20/2007)

Law 20/2007 introduces the legal regime of the “economically dependent self-employed worker”. In order to fall under this category the worker must perform an economic or professional activity in exchange for remuneration in a continuous, personal, and direct manner for an individual or legal entity, named “client”. According to Law 20/2007, at least 75% of the professional income of the economically dependent self-employed worker will come from the client. In this regard, among others, the following additional requirements must be met: (i) the activities must be performed in a different manner than the client’s employees; (ii) the activities must be preformed in accordance with its own independent organizational criteria; and (iii) there must be some sort of remuneration for the services provided, as agreed between the economically dependent self-employed worker and the client.

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