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Estatuto de los Trabajadores (Minimum Wage)

Estatuto de los Trabajadores (Article 26-33: Minimum Wage)

A minimum wage is prescribed by law in Spain and applies to all workers equally. The minimum wage is set by the Ministry of Employment and Social Security and is adjusted each year based on a number of factors including employment figures, inflation, and national productivity.

In 2022, the minimum wage in Spain for a full-time job is €7.82 per hour. This equates to €1,166.7 gross per month. This is the case if the employer pays its employees in 12 installments over the year, however, they typically pay in 14 installments with extra or special payments in July and December known as the “pagas extraordinarias”. This means each installment amounts to a minimum of €1,000.

Employees must be paid the minimum wage at least once a month and this must be paid in currency and not in kind.

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