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Employment Ordinance Chapter 4 (Paid Annual Leave)

Employment Ordinance Chapter 4 (Paid Annual Leave)

An employee is entitled to annual leave with pay after having been employed under a continuous contract for every 12 months. An employee’s entitlement to paid annual leave increases progressively from seven days to a maximum of 14 days according to his length of service.

Granting of Annual Leave

An employee shall take the paid annual leave to which he is entitled within the following period of 12 months. The time of the leave should be appointed by the employer after consultation with the employee or his representative, confirmed by a written notice to the employee at least 14 days in advance, unless a shorter period has been mutually agreed. Paid annual leave should be granted for an unbroken period. If the employee so requests, it may be granted in the following manner:

Any rest day or statutory holiday falling within a period of annual leave will be counted as annual leave and another rest day or holiday must be appointed. Annual Leave Pay The daily rate of annual leave pay is a sum equivalent to the average daily wages earned by an employee in the 12-month period preceding the following specified dates. If an employee is employed for less than 12 months, the calculation shall be based on the shorter period.

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