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Continued Remuneration Act (Austria)

Continued Remuneration Act

Depending on the length of the service, employees are entitled to paid sick leave – illness or accident due to work or otherwise with the regular wage for up to 6 weeks. Entitlement to further sick leave increases in the below manner:

  • 8 weeks if the employee has been employed for 1 year without interruption.
  • 10 weeks, if the employee has been employed for 15 years without interruption.
  • 12 weeks if the employee has been employed for 25 years without interruption.
  • After the period of paid sick leave expires, the employee is entitled to a further 4 weeks on half-pay.

If an employee is prevented from performing his work due to an accident at work or an occupational disease, he is entitled to paid leave of up to 8 weeks. The entitlement to the remuneration increases to a period of 10 weeks if the employment relationship has lasted 15 years without interruption.

Periods of service from a previous employment relationship with another employer are to be taken into account for the assessment of the duration of the entitlement if –

  • The change of employer took place through the transfer of the company or part thereof in which the employee is employed.
  • The total length of service completed in the previous employment relationship for the measurement of the duration of the vacation, the notice period, and the continued payment of remuneration has been agreed upon.
  • The working hours do not have an interruption of more than 60 days.

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