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When it comes to engaging global contractors our platform helps you stay compliant in countries around the world.

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With Worksuite you can create, send, and sign a contract that’s compliant with local laws and protects your business from unnecessary risk.

Compliantly Engage Contractors anywhere

Contracts Tailored To Local Labor Laws

Global Payouts

Powerful, integrated solutions let you quickly approve, schedule, and pay your contractors at scale across 150+ countries and dozens of currencies

Invoice Management

Improve the user experience for your freelancers and your teams. Worksuite Pay gives you the flexibility to manage your invoices, get approvals, and track your budget

Tax Forms

Collect and store the tax information for your independent contractors in one central, searchable location

Localized pay

Pay contractors in their local currency, with the best FX Rates

Fast, Simple Global Payments

Locally Compliant Contractor onboarding

Confirm and verify ID
Collect Bank Details
Run KYC checks
Collect Business Registration documents
Collect local tax information
Run background screens

An End-to-end Verification Service

Compliantly Engage Anywhere In The World

GDPR Compliance

We’re compliant with GDPR and privacy laws in the EU

CCPA Compliance

We’re compliant with CCPA privacy law

Global IP Protection

Protect your IP with locally tailored intellectual property agreements

24/7 Support

Our global support team is ready to help

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