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How T&T Creative Group streamlined their job application and freelancer management processes with Worksuite

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To find a more efficient way to store and organize data for their talent pool

Prior to partnering with Worksuite, T&T Creative Group was onboarding and managing their independent contractors using manual internal systems, including spreadsheets.

As their freelancer base grew, it was becoming difficult to effectively manage and update data such as W9s and personal information for each freelancer.

“You know, you try the Google files, and you try to continue to update spreadsheets, but it just gets to be cumbersome, especially if you need to have different people collaborating on them. So we needed a more consolidated way to keep track of all our contractor information, organize it under one umbrella, and then have tools we could scale from—such as pay, invoicing, and things like that.”

With her background in human resources, and being familiar with the benefits and capabilities of HRIS systems, Sherrill Cole, Project Manager, began searching online for similar software that was tailored to freelancer management.

“I figured if a human resources information system took care of employees, there had to be some contractor or freelance platform out there. So I did a Google search and started interviewing a couple of companies—and we ended up with Worksuite.”

After contacting several other freelance management software providers and weighing up the pros and cons of each, it was evident that Worksuite would be the best fit for their needs. 

The other companies were either too early in their development stages, or seemed to be targeting businesses with a higher volume of contractors than T&T Creative Group needed.

“One or two seemed like they were in their infancy stage, and I felt like we were probably going to outgrow their software tool. Another thing was that many other companies charged based on invoicing, and Worksuite didn’t do that.”

Worksuite’s flexibility as a platform allowed them to meet T&T Creative Group’s current needs, as well as ensure they had plenty of runway for future growth. 

It also gave them the option to easily implement other Worksuite features such as time tracking and invoicing if they needed to.

One of the reasons we went with Worksuite is because it’s going to allow us to scale and meet our needs as we continue to grow as a company. That’s a huge thing off my plate now that I don’t have to worry about


A flexible freelancer management platform with plenty of room for growth

“Having some organization regarding our contractor files was the biggest hurdle we had to overcome. And keeping everybody’s information in one centralized location on a database— not on some spreadsheet of available contractors. Worksuite gave us the ability to be able to do that.”

Worksuite and T&T Creative Group began the setup and implementation process, which included migrating data for their existing freelancers, and creating automated workflows with conditional logic elements. 

These custom workflows matched T&T’s existing processes for freelancer applications and onboarding. It enabled them to collect information for each contractor in less time, and allowed their contractors to quickly sign all the necessary onboarding documents online to ensure compliance before any work began.

“The thing that we spent the most time on was setting up workflows for our different scenarios. We have created a contractor handbook that’s now a part of our onboarding workflow. In the past, we would’ve had to email documents separately to each person. But this allows our onboarding to be a lot more streamlined. They can review the handbook and sign it as well. Our Worksuite implementation manager was very patient and took his time with us, and it was a straightforward and pleasing project to work on.”

T&T Creative Group also began using Worksuite’s workflows and marketplace features to create and promote job opportunities for freelancers. 

They had previously been doing this using third-party platforms to collect portfolios and resumes, and manage projects. 

“We just did our first job posting two months ago, and the process made it easy to get the workflow going and start accepting applications. First, we created a position description, which gives you a link you can share on your website. Then it allows people to go in and apply for the position. It was easy to use, and it saved much time.”


Increased time savings and an organized database for effective freelancer management

T&T Creative uses the end-to-end Worksuite tool, including recruiting, onboarding, and task management features.

“I’m the biggest user of Worksuite and I would say it’s saved me maybe 10% or 15% of my time allowing everything to come into this one platform, versus it being on a different platform and then having to move documents here and there. The time saving was immediate because it allowed us to put all our contractor information in one spot”

Worksuite highlights for T&T Creative

As the talent pool hub for multiple freelancers around the country, Worksuite has helped T&T Creative Group to:

  • Quickly and accurately onboard freelancers with the workflows module
  • Source new talent and create opportunities to enhance their external workforce
  • Handle any support queries that T&T Creative or their talent may have

“The ease of use, the customization, and the excellent support team really make Worksuite stand out”

See how easy it is to onboard, manage, and pay your freelance network with Worksuite’s centralized, user-friendly platform.

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