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Employment Contracts Act, 2001 (Finland)

Employment Contracts Act, 2001 (Finland)

The Employment Contracts Act lays down fundamental legal provisions concerning working life in Finland. It applies to the majority of employment relationships, regardless of the nature of the work in question. If the constituent elements defining an employment relationship, as laid down in the Employment Contracts Act are satisfied, other labour legislation also becomes applicable. Provisions on young people’s employment relationships are laid down in the Young Workers’ Act.

The Employment Contracts Act contains provisions on how to draw up an employment contract the obligations of employers and employees determination of the minimum terms of an employment relationship the employee’s right to family leave lay-offs of employees termination of an employment contract (including notice periods, grounds for notice and cancellation, and the procedure for terminating an employment contract) liability invalid and unreasonable contract terms employment contracts of an international nature and the status of employee representatives.

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