2023 Product Recap

Top 10 Worksuite Platform Enhancements This Year

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It’s been a big year at Worksuite. We’ve welcomed new clients like Insider, Marriott, Media.Monks, McCann and FCB. We’ve built and launched new native integrations for existing partners, including QuickBooks and Oracle NetSuite. And we’ve released a ton of new features.

We won G2 badges for “High Performer,” “Highest User Adoption,” and “Best Customer Support” from Software Advice. And we’ve expanded the Worksuite family with 20 more talented team members, now spanning 15 countries in total.

Perhaps most importantly, your feedback helped us make significant improvements to the platform, as we launched new valuable features every month of the year. These enhancements are designed to help enterprises like you streamline and automate your contractor onboarding, task management, invoicing, payments and global compliance.

All of this, on top of the searchable and configurable talent directory (FMS) you know and love. 

Here are 10 highlights from Worksuite’s 2023 product roadmap, plus a big bonus feature that’s coming very soon.

1. A Fresh Look For Your Sidebar Navigation

A brand-new design of Worksuite’s sidebar navigation brings improved usability, more branding opportunities, a simplified structure, and easier access to Support. Plus, it’s collapsible, for a wider view of your talent data and dashboards. 

Why we built it: It wasn’t just time for a new look. The redesigned sidebar structure will accommodate the all-new Contracts Template Wizard, releasing Dec 2023 – Jan 2024. 

2. See The Future (of Talent Availability) 

A small feature with a big impact, Worksuite’s Future Availability view allows resource managers to see up to 12 weeks of upcoming talent availability. 

Why we built it: This helps get a jump on project planning and budgeting for the quarter ahead. Plus, avoid all those back-and-forth emails asking “are you available for this project?” 

Couple this view with Bulk Actions to request availability updates en masse, and you’ll never have to chase down freelancers again. 

3. Workflow Editor to Automate Your Onboarding 

One of the single biggest productivity boosters for managers running a large talent network is automated onboarding. And the self-serve Workflow Editor we launched at the beginning of the year has been a game changer for Worksuite’s partners. 

Why we built it: Resource managers spend a lot of time chasing down documents and details. No more! With the Workflow Editor and automated onboarding, you can configure Worksuite to your exact needs, and collect the right data from the right talent. 

Whether you’re collecting… 

  • NDA Signatures 
  • Bank and Tax Info 
  • CV, Portfolio, Reel 
  • Availability 
  • Rates 
  • DEI Info 
  • Skills & Specialties 
  • Software Expertise 

Or you’re sharing…

  • Editorial Guidelines 
  • Brand Kit 
  • Freelancer Handbook 

…why not automate the whole process? 

4. AI-Powered Smart Bulk Import 

You’ve got your Worksuite environment all set up… but what now? You need to get your existing talent rolodex (and possibly some other task and payments data) into the platform, too. Enter: Smart Bulk Importer

Why we built it: Smart Bulk Importer leverages AI and smart data mapping to make it incredibly easy for you to upload all of your freelancers, tasks, invoices/payments, and job openings/requests into Worksuite. 

Like any platform, Worksuite gets even more valuable at scale. Importing hundreds — even thousands of contractor profiles, or bulk adding tasks to a project, should be easy. So you can organize your talent data and get right to work! 

Worksuite Inc. is ISO 27001 Certified

5. ISO 27001 Certification 

A big win this year for Worksuite and our customers was getting ISO 27001 certified for enhanced information security management. 

Why we did it: This certification is vital to keeping your data secure. Configuring Worksuite as your own private platform to manage and pay your workforce, in a secure way, is one of our core goals as your partner. 

This ISO certification shows that we are serious about our security processes and that our clients’ data is safe with us. 

6. All New Payments & Invoices Table Experience 

​​Payments are such a crucial part of Worksuite, because outgoing payments mean work is getting done. We heard your feedback on the UX, and spent three months turning all your requests into a thoughtful and completely redesigned Payments Table Experience.

This release included tons of helpful new features: 

  • Search Invoices/Payments 
  • Filter Invoices/Payments by
    • Payment Status 
    • Currency 
    • Partner 
    • Task/Project 
  • New Columns to organize Invoices 
  • Invoice Log (Audit Trail) 
  • Invoices Area added to Profiles, Tasks 
  • Invoice ID with 1-Click Copy 
  • Bulk Approve Invoices more easily to save admin work 
  • Bulk Schedule Invoices for Payment in your next pay run 
  • Bulk-Generate Invoices for Approved Timesheets 
  • Bulk Export Data for a given timeframe 

Why we built it: So you can quickly identify any payment, In seconds. What was that invoice from that one project last year? No more endless scrolling to “load more” until you find the invoice in question. Simply search and filter, and account for everything in one central platform.

7. New Native Integrations

We’re very excited to release two big integrations this year, and many more to come.

  • QuickBooks Integration 
  • NetSuite Integration 

This is on top of the 5,000+ apps you can already integrate through no-code tools like Zapier. 

Why we built it: Larger enterprise organizations have complex problems and processes, and existing tools they are required to use. Worksuite’s flexible configuration, combined with the right integration, ensures that your data flows seamlessly between all your systems. 

8. Run Multiple Business Entities in Worksuite 

Now you can manage talent and payments via multiple Business Entities in one Worksuite environment. No switching costs or messy accounting. Plus, link Tasks and Invoices directly to specific Entities. 

Why we built it: Many of Worksuite’s large enterprise clients have multiple business entities and global offices in different countries. Thanks to Worksuite’s flexible configuration, these companies (and their Finance teams) are able to centralize everything in one platform, while accommodating the nuances of managing and paying talent under each umbrella. 

9. Enhanced Tax Info Collection + Automated W9 Generation

Tired of chasing down bank details and tax information across hundreds of talent? Stressing about U.S. tax season when it comes time to file your 1099s? We’ve got you covered with Worksuite’s enhanced tax info collection + automated W-9 generation

Why we built it: This feature takes the administrative burden off your plate, and streamlines the process of getting your freelancers to fill in their own tax info so they can be payable and avoid headaches come tax season.

10. Timesheet Improvements

Timesheets don’t have to suck! This year we made several improvements to Timesheets in Worksuite, including: 

  • Search Timesheets 
  • New Timesheets with Notes 
  • Bulk Generate Invoices for Approved Timesheets 

Why we built it: Many creative businesses that manage a lot of freelancers struggle with timesheets. Let’s face it — timesheets are the bain of your existence. But they don’t have to be! 

By making this process easier for both you, and your talent, you can free up your brainspace to focus on the actual creative work. 

Bonus: All-New Contracts Lifecycle Management (CLM) Module in Worksuite

Last but certainly not least, Worksuite now has CLM functionality (Contracts Lifecycle Management) baked into our freelance management platform. Months of research and countless development hours went into designing this Contracts module to suit your complex business needs. And it’s almost ready for public consumption! 

Worksuite’s new Contracts module:

  • Enhances collaboration among stakeholders (Legal, Finance, Business), alleviating cross-team tensions, and helping keep your organization compliant. 
  • Centralizes all related Tasks, Timesheets and Invoices, and gives you a quick overview in one place, so you don’t need to move between multiple items or tools.
  • Enables you to manage the full Contracts lifecycle in a single flow. It’s way more than a PDF e-sign tool. 
  • Speeds up your Contracts processes while remaining flexible to your unique needs. SOW? ICA? MSA? Different payment terms? We’ve got you covered. 
  • Ensures you never miss a renewal again with your top talent. Set automated reminders two weeks before a contract needs renewal (for example), and trigger a performance review to see if you want to re-engage that talent or not. 

Questions about the Contracts module? Want to gain early VIP access? Reach out and let us know! 

Cheers to a New Year

We’ve got even more exciting features in the roadmap for 2024. If you’re interested in a personalized demo tailored to your unique business needs, please feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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