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New eBook: Master the Art of Freelancer Management with Fortune 500 Brands

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Is your team struggling to manage your growing roster of global freelancers? Do timezone differences, remote collaboration, and digital project management give you gray hairs? You’re not alone. At Worksuite, we’re proud to present a valuable resource as you navigate the challenges of the new workforce: Mastering Freelancer Management

This guide and video series unveils expert insights and industry secrets from Fortune 500 brands and global creative leaders. This is your ultimate guide to navigating the complexities of a remote contingent workforce.

Crafted for ad agencies, media publishers, operations leaders, and anyone who has a hand in managing contractors and freelancers, this compendium of interviews is brimming with actionable advice experts who have done it before. Hear from the thought leaders at Bloomberg, Black & Decker, Comcast, and IPG’s Jack Morton agency, and discover what it takes to manage your external workforce more effectively. 

What’s Inside

In these in-depth interviews you’ll learn: 

  • Expert Advice: Achieve the #1 tips from each thought leader when managing a diverse pool of freelancers.
  • Timezone Tag: Master the art of global collaboration with your contractors and teams, regardless of location.
  • Super Bowl Stories: Peek behind the curtains of a high-stakes Super Bowl spot production with vendors and celebrity talent. 
  • DEI Measurement: Practical tips for growing your Diversity & Inclusion practices among your external workforce. 
  • Team Dynamics: Learn what experts recommend when it comes to managing external talent vs. leading internal teams. Is there a difference? 
  • Pitfall Prevention: Spot potential roadblocks early and learn how to navigate the challenges of the modern workforce. 
  • Talent Casting: Align every project with the right talent for unparalleled creative results.
  • Feedback Frameworks: Execute successful remote retrospectives and postmortems for continuous improvement of the creative work.

Our mission is to equip you with the knowledge and skills to enhance productivity, encourage collaboration, and foster creativity among your virtual talent network.

Who We Interviewed

Becca Breslin
Director of Creative + Strategy, Global Campaigns,
Stanley Black & Decker, Inc.

Lauri Accardi
Chief Program Officer, CataPoint Consulting
Former Director of Program Management, Comcast 

Dinesh Kapoor 
Global Creative Director, Consumer Brand & Live Experiences,
Bloomberg Media

Mandy Johnson
Production Services Director, Jack Morton

Justin Rentzel
Creative Director, Red Tettemer O’Connell + Partners
Former Head of Creative, Insomnia Cookies 

Why Download the Guide

We understand that the proof is in the pudding. It’s one thing for Worksuite, the world’s premier Freelance Management System, to write about best practices. We’ve added another layer of value by interviewing top experts in their fields, from some of the world’s most notable media brands. 

That’s why our ebook includes real-life examples and testimonials from industry giants who have walked the walk. 

Ready to level up your freelance management, reducing stress and freeing up time to focus on what matters? Click below to download your copy of Mastering Freelancer Management today!Is multimedia more your thing? Be the first to watch the uncut video interviews by subscribing to Worksuite’s YouTube channel.

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Download the free guide "Mastering Freelancer Management" today.

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