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Employment Ordinance Chapter 4 (Rest Days)

Employment Ordinance Chapter 4 (Rest Days)

Eligibility for Rest Day

An employee employed under a continuous contract is entitled to not less than one rest day in every period of seven days. Definition of a Rest Day A rest day is defined as a continuous period of not less than 24 hours during which an employee is entitled to abstain from working for his employer. Appointment of Rest Days Rest days shall be appointed by the employer.

They may be granted on a regular or irregular basis:

• regular rest days – the employer should inform his employees of the arrangement

• irregular rest days – before the beginning of each month, the employer must inform his employees orally or in writing the appointed rest days or by displaying a roster showing the dates of the appointed rest days for each employee

An employer may substitute some other rest day with the consent of the employee, in which case it must be within the same month before the original rest day or within 30 days after it.

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