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Dutch Civil Code (Employment Contract)

Dutch Civil Code (Article 7:655)

Pursuant to Article 7:655 of the Dutch Civil Code, however, the employer will nonetheless need to inform the employee in writing with respect to the following (among others) terms and conditions:

  • The name and residence of the parties
  • The place where the work is to be carried out
  • The position and a job description
  • The hiring date
  • If the employment contract is for a fixed period of time, the time period
  • The vacation rights or the method of calculating vacation rights
  • The duration of the notice periods to be observed by the parties or the method of calculating these periods
  • The salary and the payment intervals and, if the remuneration depends on the results of the work to be performed, the amount of work to be performed per day or per week, the price per item and the time that will be involved in performing the work
  • The customary number of working hours per day or per week
  • The employee’s pension rights (if applicable)
  • The Collective Labour Agreement (if applicable)

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