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Part I of the Canada Labour Code (Industrial Relations)

Part I of the Canada Labour Code (Industrial Relations)

Part I of the Code governs workplace relations and collective bargaining between unions and employers. This part contains provisions related to dispute resolution, strikes and lockouts. It outlines the labour relations rights and responsibilities of employers, trade unions and employees.

List of industries that must follow Part I (Industrial Relations) of the Code:

  • air transportation, including airlines, airports, aerodromes and aircraft operations
  • banks, including authorized foreign banks
  • grain elevators, feed and seed mills, feed warehouses and grain-seed cleaning plants
  • first Nations Band Councils (including certain community services on reserve)
  • most federal Crown corporations, for example, Canada Post Corporation
  • port services, marine shipping, ferries, tunnels, canals, bridges and pipelines (oil and gas) that cross international or provincial borders
  • radio and television broadcasting
  • railways that cross provincial or international borders and some short-line railways
  • road transportation services, including trucks and buses, that cross provincial or international borders
  • telecommunications, for example, telephone, internet, telegraph and cable systems
  • uranium mining and processing and atomic energy
  • any business that is vital, essential or integral to the operation of one of the above activities
  • private-sector firms and municipalities in Yukon, the Northwest Territories and Nunavut

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