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Discrimination Against Disabled People (Brazil)

Laws Nos. 7,853/1989 and 13,146/2015 (Discrimination Against Disabled People)

Laws Nos. 7,853/1989 and 13,146/2015 bring specific provisions for disabled people, guaranteeing:

  • the right to perform any activity of their own free choice and acceptance, in an accessible and inclusive environment, on an equal basis with other employees, including equal remuneration for the same type of work;
  • the prohibition of restricting access to employment and discriminating based on the employee’s condition, including during recruitment, selection, hiring, admission and medical examinations, and regarding permanence in employment, professional ascension and professional rehabilitation, as well as the prohibition of the requirement of a certificate of full aptness for the position; and
  • the participation and access to courses, training, continuing education, career plans, promotions, bonuses and professional incentives offered by the employer on an equal basis with other employees.

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