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Employment Contracts Act, Estonia (Maternity Leave)

Employment Contracts Act, Sec 59 (Maternity Leave)

Mothers get 140 calendar days (20 weeks) of pregnancy and maternity leave, paid by the state (Health Insurance Fund) at a rate of 100%. The benefit is extended only to insured women working prior to the maternity leave.

They may take the leave starting 30-70 days before the date of birth and need a certificate for maternity leave issued by either the obstetrician-gynaecologist or family doctor.

To avail of the full 140 days, the pregnant employee must start her pregnancy and maternity leave 30 or more days before the expected birth. If, however, she goes on pregnancy and maternity leave less than 30 days before the expected due date, those days are deducted from the 140 calendar days.

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