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Employment Contracts Act, Estonia (Annual Holiday)

Employment Contracts Act, Sec 54 - 58 (Annual Holiday)

Annual holiday

The purpose of the leave is to give the employee time off to restore their capacity for work and prepare for the next work period. The right to take leave may not be refused and may not be replaced by any other form of compensation.

The duration of annual holiday is at least 28 calendar days per year. The parties may agree on a longer annual holiday, but not a shorter one.

The annual holiday of a minor and an employee with partial or no capacity for work is at least 35 calendar days per year. The duration of the annual holiday of educational staff is established by a regulation of the Government of the Republic.

Annual holidays do not include national and public holidays. Example: The holiday schedule indicates an employee’s holiday on 21–27/07/2021, which also includes two public holidays.

The employee is absent from work for seven calendar days, but only five calendar days of annual holiday are used.

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