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Part-Time Job Contract (France)

Contrat de Travail à Temps Partiel (Part-Time Job Contract)

This contract can exist as a CDI or a CDD and can apply to any employee who works less than 35 hours a week. The annual total cannot exceed 1,607 hours. A part-time job contract must always be in writing and should mention the following:

  • Employee’s job title
  • Salary
  • Monthly or weekly amount of hours
  • The maximum overtime allowed
  • Weekly or monthly division of work time
  • When and how weekly or monthly hours can be modified

The employer must give seven days’ notice to change the times that the employee is expected to work. The employee can refuse any modification unless it is stipulated in the job contract. If the employee works more than two hours overtime for twelve consecutive weeks or for twelve out of fifteen weeks the job contract must be changed to allow for the extra hours. Seven days’ notice is required and the employee must agree to any changes.

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