Casual Pauza

When you need a break simply because you are exhausted, or your brain does not work anymore, then that qualifies as a casual, run-of-the-mill pauza. Whether you are gardening, doing hard manual work, or trying to clean the whole house in one day, you will need a break from time to time.

The best pauza occurs when you’re doing something in a group. Maybe you’re on a hike, picking olives, or helping a friend move. At some point, all of you will need a break. When that time comes, everyone sits down for a chat and a drink, which may lead to a party. Zašto ne?

Another break people often need when they are at home is odmor nakon ručka (after-lunch break). This pauza is just for enjoying coffee together with čašica razgovora (“a cup of conversation” or chit-chat) with friends or family.

Also, some people cannot survive the day without taking an afternoon nap. They are either tired from the working week, a bit older, or just like to sleep when they have the opportunity.

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