Global Shield for Your Contractor Engagements

We give you peace of mind that every contractor you engage internationally is engaged compliantly with the local laws and protects your business from unnecessary risk

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Our in-house compliance team works with the best legal partners in 150+ countries around the world to create bespoke contractor classification processes and offer contracts that are compliant with local laws to protect you and your contractors from fines and penalties.

We screen your contractors to verify that they are independent businesses in their own countries. We help you craft a contract that is compliant with local laws and issue a certificate that will protect from you any fines and penalties related to employment misclassification.

1. Contractor onboarding

2. Automated ID and documents verification

3. Local contract creation

Contractor Classification

Global Shield

1/5 Contractor Onboarding

2/5 Automated ID and documents verification

3/5 Contracts Tailored To Local Labor Laws

4/5 Contractor Classification

5/5 Global Shield Certification

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